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The research apply for green alkaline exfoliate agent
The research of improved zirconium system nano-ceramic agent
Ching Feng enterprise won 2015-excellent supplier of pre-treatment in 2014
Chingfeng Enterprise participated the 11th SF exhibition in Guangzhou
Ching Feng enterprise won the 2013 annual Top Ten pre-treatment suppliers
2013 the 26th CHINACOAT (China Int'l Exhibition for Coatings, Printing Inks and Adhesives)
ChingFeng exhibitors 2013 Guangzhou International Exhibition of Surface Treatment
ChingFeng exhibitors 23th China International Bicycle Exhibition
ChingFeng and HC network in Shanghai signed a strategic partnership agreement
Nano-ceramic conversion Technology
Chemical Transforming Agent of Chromium(III)
Al and Al Alloy-Ti Series Surface Passivation Technology
Preparation and Property of Zr-series Nano-conversion Film on Metal Surface
ChingFeng was Invited to Attend the HC network Activity for Friendship in Pretreatment Agent Field in 2013
ChingFeng Joins the Top 10 Coating Business Forum to Discuss Industry Development
2013 the 10th Guangzhou International surface treatment, electroplating, painting exhibition
2013 23rd China International Bicycle Exhibition

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